Two great comments I heard during today’s run

Excellent turnout this morning, and congratulations to everyone whose six mile run was the longest run they had ever completed.  You will achieve many more milestones in the next 5 months!

I heard two great comments today that I wanted to share.  I’ll keep them anonymous, but if you recognize it’s you, and want me to share your name, just let me know.

The first comment came before we even started the warmup.  This runner announced that as she woke up, there was a battle going on in her head as to whether to stay in bed, or force herself to get up and run.  There are lots of good reasons to stay in bed, but there are far more reasons to get up and run.  We all have those days, and that’s when it’s important to remember why you’re doing this, and then use that reason to get up and get started.   I encourage each of you to think about what finishing this marathon, or half marathon, means to you, and use that to overcome those “I don’t feel like running/walking” days.  Fortunately, the “GET OUT OF BED” side of this runner’s internal battle won, and she joined us for this morning’s run.  Way to go!

The second comment came from a new runner, about 2 miles into this morning’s run, whose first response to my “How are you feeling?” was a list of  all the reasons this run was difficult.  He wasn’t wearing running shoes and he had several minor physical ailments that could become problematic if not addressed soon.  I started to worry about whether or not he’d continue with the team, but fortunately, the very next words out of his mouth were “BUT IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMITMENT”. He clearly knew why he was running, and I am confident that he’ll be crossing that finish line in March.


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